Passion for People & Performance

Co-Activation supports managers and organizations develop more work satisfaction and effectiveness. By assisting them to find answers to questions pertaining to

Personal effectiveness and growth

How do I make better use of my qualities? What are my qualities anyway? What aspect should I develop? How do I deal with a manager who doesn't think my way? How could I gain my colleague's support? And my management? How can I achieve my goals in a smart way? How to convert my business vision into action?

Career Choices and Outplacement

Is this still the right job for me? I have a good career and position, but I am missing something, but what? What is the right next step for me? How do I find my dream job? My job has expired, now what? Who's waiting for me at all? I can get promoted, but am I ready for it? Should I do it? Or should I switch to something completely different?

Work satisfaction and the right person for the job

Do I really enjoy what I do? I miss something in my work, but what? I'm quite successful, but I get less and less energy out of this: now what? Do I still fit into this organization? And does it still fit me? The organization and market are changing: how do we find suitable people? What about succession planning?

Organization and team development

How do we shape our organization for the world of tomorrow? How do I organize focus on my strategic goals? What team composition do we choose? How do I develop this group into a high-performance team? How do I find the right talents? Who will be my successor? Change management: how do I do that?

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A Co-Active approach

As business coach and consultant I help people and organizations develop more job satisfaction and effectiveness. By assisting them on their journey to find answers to the above questions. In a co-active way: together getting things moving. Co-Activation.

As a sailor I sometimes use a metaphor of a sailing trip for this approach: ship, routing plan, crew, compass, navigation, options, steering and sail trim. On the way to a new horizon? I'll be glad to step on board!

Passion for people and performance

I am a mentor and coach with a genuine, warm interest in people and what drives them. It gives me energy to help others develop and to let them discover new perspectives, by asking powerful questions in a safe environment, and supporting them with practical advice. My co-active and pragmatic approach brings new insights, results and performance levels within reach.

Through my extensive business experience, up to management board level of international organizations, I know the dynamics and challenges managers face today. I am their sparring partner. More about my work life background and qualifications can be found on my LinkedIn page.

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All my services are tailor-made for you and your situation. We‘ll co-create a plan that may include (a combination of):

Executive Coaching: exploring in safe, but powerful conversations new perspectives of the situation. Becoming who you are. The authentic leader, who is already within you. In full awareness of your strengths, pitfalls and potentials. Discovering solutions in a pleasant and creative setting. Making conscious decisions. My Co-Active® method of coaching is your powerful support.

Consultancy: solution advice and mentor guidance on your business challenges. You are in control, making decisions. I will support you with overview and possible solutions.

My professional know-how and experience is at your disposal for:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Project - and Change management
  • Supply Chain, Procurement and Lean Operations management
  • Search and Selection, Outplacement, Talent management.

Interim management or Talent Search: on request


Co-Activation works closely together with Triceps

A team of passionate people who are eager to help you achieve your goals . Read more on the Triceps website.

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